Hootsuite Integration

We created a Hootsuite Integration on our platform so that you can bee (🐝) able to also publish on platforms like Instagram* (Personal Profiles) and Pinterest, which we don’t support on their own at the moment. However, this integration can also be useful if you don’t have complete access to a social profile, regardless if it’s Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, but you do have access to a Hootsuite profile that has the profiles connected to it. 

*Instagram Business profiles are not supported through the Hootsuite API.

You can see all of our posting integrations here

To connect a profile through Hootsuite, you first need to have that social profile connected on Hootsuite. Then, you need to go to your User Settings menu and select Workspace Profiles. (You can do this whenever you want to connect a new social profile). Once you’ve accessed your Profiles page, you will be able to see any connected profiles (if you have any). 

Below, you’ll see a panel that allows you to connect social profiles from all the supported platforms and integrations. Click connect via Hootsuite to connect Instagram or Pinterest

Even though you can connect any supported social profile through Hootsuite, we recommend connecting your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles directly to SocialBee. By eliminating third parties, there are fewer risks of having failed posts. 


If for any reason you want to make any of your profiles post though Hootsuite, follow these next steps:

Go to Workspace Profiles and select the gear icon on the social profile for which you want to change the posting provider.

Then make sure you have your Hootsuite account connected in Posting Setup. 

The Posting Setup will allow you to view all of our posting integrations.

Authorize SocialBee's access to your Hootsuite account.

Select the right social profile from your Hootsuite account.

You can go back to Profiles to double-check that the setup has been completed.

That's it!

Now all content and posting settings will still be in SocialBee, but the posting itself will be done through your Hootsuite account.

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