What Social Accounts Can I Add?

Welcome to SocialBee! The first thing you will have to do with your SocialBee account is to connect your social media profile. To do this, you'll probably see a screen similar to this (if you've skipped your onboarding process):

As you can see, there are a lot of profile types you can connect, but is a list of all the profile types you can connect in SocialBee:

Social Profile Posting Type Limitations
Twitter Profile
Directly -
Facebook Personal Profile via Reminders -
Facebook Page Directly Must be an Admin or Editor
Facebook Group Directly Must be an Admin with
a Personal Profile

LinkedIn Personal Profile Directly -
LinkedIn Company Page Directly Must be a Super Admin
Instagram Business Profile Directly Must be linked to
a Facebook Page
Instagram Creator Profile via Reminders -
Instagram Personal Profile via Reminders -
Google My Business Location Directly Must be an Admin
Pinterest Profile via Hootsuite Hootsuite account needed

Once you're ready to connect your accounts, here's how you can connect your accounts to SocialBee.

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