Email Notifications

You can set up your email notifications so you’ll receive emails if something isn’t working as it should. This includes any failed posts you may have, any accounts that need reconnecting, or when you need to reconnect any social profiles (e.g. when Twitter locks your account).

To activate and manage your email notifications, you can navigate to the dropdown menu on the top right, and go to "Settings".

There are a few notifications which are always on (if your account gets locked or if you need to reconnect a social profile) and then, there’s some which are turned off by default (we don’t want to buzz you too much), but which you can enable at any time. These are notifications about:

  • Failed posts;
  • Completed Imports;
  • Completed bulk edits (using the bulk editor);
  • Content Categories that have become empty;
  • When someone comments on a post you follow, or when you're mentioned;
  • Weekly Analytics report.

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