Facebook Permissions

When you first connect your Facebook page to SocialBee, you will be asked to allow us access to your profile so that we can post on your behalf. 

There, you have the option to change the permissions you give us on your profile. However, when you do that, you remove the necessary steps that allow us to send your post through or to connect other pages you might need later on.

When this happens, you will get the "Insufficient Permission" error when trying to post or you won't be able to see certain Facebook pages you manage in your list.

If your error is coming from a Facebook Group, please follow the instructions in this article instead.

Can't see a Facebook Page?

 If you want to add a new Facebook page, but can't see it in your list of managed pages in SocialBee, you need to first make sure you're an Admin of that page. Once that's ruled out as an issue, check your permissions on Facebook,

If this happens, you're going to have to take a f steps to ensure that we have the proper permissions to view the pages you manage and post on them on your behalf. To do so, first, log into your Facebook account and go to Business Integrations. Once you're there, locate the SocialBee app (you may need to click "Show All")

Once you locate the SocialBee app, click on View and Edit to view your permissions:

This is what the list of permissions should look like:

To view all the pages you manage and be able to add them to your SocialBee account, you need to make sure that you gave SocialBee the permission to Manage your pages and to Pot on your pages on your behalf. 

Insufficient Permissions Error

If you don't have all the permissions, the easiest way to regain them is to completely remove the SocialBee app from your Facebook and reconnect your accounts to SocialBee (make sure you don't have a lot of content assigned to your Facebook profile/page when doing this). To do that, check the checkbox next to SocialBee, and then click on the Remove button at the top. 

Once you've done this, you'll have to come back into SocialBee and reconnect your Facebook account. 

This time, don't change the permissions so that the error doesn't show up again. To make sure you gave us the permission to publish, go to your Facebook Apps again, locate the SocialBee app, click the edit icon and make sure the checkbox that says "Publish as Pages you manage" is ticked. 

Now, you can go ahead and start scheduling posts for your Facebook account.

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