What kind of media files can I share and what is the maximum size?

You can only import selected formats for each of the file types mentioned. These are as follows:

  • Image Files: JPG, PNG.
  • GIF Files: GIF
  • Video Files: MP4
  • Audio Files: None

At the moment, MOV video files cannot be uploaded into SocialBee.

The size limitations we have in place are based on the limitations of each social platform: 

Platform Image (jpg/png) GIF Video (mp4)
How many files can be added?
Twitter 3 Mb 15 Mb 512 Mb (2:20 Minutes maximum) Up to 4 images or 1 video
Facebook 4 MB Not Available 512 Mb Up to 9 images or 1 video
LinkedIn 8 Mb or
Via Reminders Via Reminders or
as link previews natively *
Up to 9 images
or 1 video
Instagram 3 Mb Not Available 100Mb (1 Minute maximum) ** Up to 9 images*** or 1 video
Pinterest 10 Mb Not Available Not Available One image
Google My Business 5 Mb Not Available
Not Available One image

* Video files shared natively through LinkedIn Profiles will be shared as link previews. This means that the videos will open in a new tab and play from a link hosted by SocialBee.

** Video files shared natively can only be posted to Instagram Business Profiles.

*** Carousel posts work only Via Reminders with our companion mobile app

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