Content Approval

When creating content in advance, there are situations when you may want to review the posts or even keep them as drafts or templates. In this scenario, and many others (like working with a team), the Content Approval screen comes in very handy. With this feature, you can filter the content to only show your "Draft" posts, so that you can then review, edit, and approve the ones you need. 

When to use the Content Approval feature

You should use the Content Approval screen if you...
🐝 ... are working with a team/Virtual Assistant to create content on the platform.
🐝 ... are using the Social Media Specialist or other services in SocialBee.
🐝 ... are importing content through various sources (RSS feeds, Quuu, Bulk imports, Zapier, or Pocket).
🐝 ... want to edit and used previously added content, that's currently not approved.

How to Use the Content Approval Feature

The first thing you will want to do is find the Content Approval screen in your Content Menu.

Once there, you'll be able to filter through the profiles which have "Not Approved" posts assigned to them. You'll also be able to filter through Sources of importing content: 

Once you filter through everything to suit your needs, you can start reviewing, editing, and approving content. Approved posts will be published according to your schedule. 

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