How to use Hashtag Collections

Typing each hashtag on every post is a thing of the past. You can now save even more time, by saving your most used hashtags into collections, directly in your SocialBee account. What's more, you can create several collections, to cater to all your social profiles and platforms. Here's how you do can do this:

Create a Hashtag Collection

To create your own Hashtag Collections, go to your Content Menu, then click Hashtag Collections.

Once you're there, you can click the "+ Add Hashtag Collection" Button, to add a new collection of Hashtags. You can add as many collections as you want, so group them based on categories, or separate them according to each Social Profile's requirements. 

Use a Hashtag Collection

Now that you've created your collections, it's time to actually use them. You can add one or multiple hashtag collections whenever you create or edit a new post.

Once you open up your post editor, click on the "#" symbol to bring up a list of your existing collections. Click on the collections you want to add to your post and then continue editing your post to your liking. 

Now all that's left for you to do is to do the research and see which are the best hashtags to use in your posts. SocialBee will take care of all the rest! 🐝

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