The Analytics Dashboard

Once you've set everything up and your posts start going out, you're able to get insights into how your profile and posts perform. And we are happy to give you a bunch of tools to keep track of it.

You can find all of this information in the Dashboard Tab of your Analytics menu. You should first get accustomed to the “Analytics Dashboard”.  One thing you'll notice is that each profile has a separate dashboard. This is because the information is shared differently by each social network.

First of all, this is what your Analytics Dashboard looks like:

Now let’s dig a little deeper and explain what each element really means. 

Select your time frame

This drop-down box allows you to pick the period of time you want to view data for. You will be able to choose between a few preset time frames 

  • Last 14 days; 
  • Last Month; 
  • Last 3 Months; 
  • All-time;
  • Or customize the time period of your choosing (since you started using SocialBee).

If you choose to customize, you will be able to select a starting point and an end date for the period you need. Now let’s see what each graph represents.

Audience Status

The Audience Status section shows you exactly how many likes or followers you have gained or lost in the selected time period for that specific profile.

Depending on the period of time you chose, this graph will organize your data on a daily, weekly or monthly chart. Each dot will offer the information that is relevant to the day, week or month specified. 

To view the information, you only need to hover your cursor over the dot that interests you. This will offer information on the number of followers (or page likes) you received in total for that time.

For example, you'll see the evolution of your Page likes on your Facebook Page, but the evolution of your Friends and Followers on your Twitter profile.

It’s okay to lose some followers over time, as accounts get deleted or the interests of users change and shift away from your company’s values or products. As long as you still have a good ratio between the gained followers and the lost ones, everything should be good. 

Activity Status

Curious about the number of posts you've published last week? What about last month? This is the graph that will tell you. The Activity Status Graph tells you how much you’ve engaged in conversation over a given period of time.  

Top Performing Posts

If you want to know which of your posts performed best over a certain period of time, then this section will show you the top three posts by following these criteria: likes, shares, and comments. Isn't that great?

You can see valuable details such as:

  • The day of posting;
  • The category of the post;
  • The number of likes, shares, and comments*;
  • Other posting details such as: when it was published, how it was created, and how it was published.

* This information can be different from one social platform to another, based on the data SocialBee receives.

This can really give you an edge in creating the best posts that bring the most engagement to your social media.

If, on the other hand, you want to check out how all your posts perform, you can do that from the Post History tab, that's also located in the Analytics menu. 

Analytics Limitations

According to your SocialBee Platform Plan, we will have several features locked away. In this table, you will be able to easily identify what they are:

Platform Plan Analytics available for... Analytics Export?
Bootstrap ... 3 months in the past
Accelerate ... 2 years in the past
PRO and higher ... 2 years in the past

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