Can I Create Carousel Posts for Instagram?

If you have chosen to share content to Instagram via Reminders, using our companion mobile app, you can now share carousel posts. This means that you can select up to 9 images to share to your profile.

In your SocialBee account

When creating your post in SocialBee, make sure to either only select Instagram to post to or choose "Customize by Social Profile". This is mandatory because social profiles have limits for how many images you can share.

You can check these limits in our article on what kind of media files you can share what is their maximum size.

In the SocialBee companion mobile app

Once it's time to publish your post, it will be sent to your phone, along with a notification. If you would like to learn more about how our mobile app functions, you can read our article on using it.

Once you've pressed on the notification you will have to follow through the same steps you would as sharing a post with a single image.

  • Click "Share Post";
  • This will save the photos to your phone's gallery;
  • The caption will be copied automatically;
  • Verify if you switched to the correct Instagram profile;
  • Press on "Yes";

In Instagram

After this, the Instagram app will open. Once you're here, click on the plus button and follow through these steps:

  • Click on "Select Multiple";
  • Press on the images in the order you want them to be shared;
  • (Optional) Add Filters;
  • Paste your caption;
  • Post to Instagram;

That's it! Your posts will be public and ready to be viewed by the rest of the world. 🙌

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