Can I Use SocialBee in Another Language?

We understand that we have clients in our hive from all over the globe. 🌎 And we're more than happy to have you all buzzing with us! However, with this comes the great responsibility of making sure that SocialBee users have the possibility to post in different languages.

Here are a couple of questions that we found our users ask frequently, all answered in the same article:

  • Can I create posts in a different language?

✔️ Yes, you can! You can create posts in any language you need, as many languages as you need, the possibilities are limitless. That being said, if you’re looking to create a post in multiple languages for Facebook, read the question below for more info.

  • Can I post on Facebook in multiple languages?

❌ At the moment, no. We cannot support this as a part of our integration with Facebook. But it will absolutely be a priority if it becomes available to us.

  • Can I use SocialBee in a different language?

❌ At the moment, no. The only language available for SocialBee as a platform is English.

  • Can I purchase the Concierge services in a different language?

🤔 This really depends on our bees and your needs. We suggest booking a call with us here to discuss this.

  • Do you support Right to Left languages?

✔️ Yes, we do! All you have to do is right-click on the post editor, go to Writing Direction, and select "Right to Left".

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