How Do I Add a Location to Instagram?

You can now choose to share a location to your scheduled post for Instagram using our feature for Instagram Business Profiles. You can now add the location of Facebook Pages you manage right to your post.
If you post to your Instagram content directly via SocialBee, you can now choose to share the location of your post. All you have to do is edit an existing post (or create a new one), select the profile(s) you want to share it to, and add your caption and image. Once you've done that click on "Customize for each profile" and open the Instagram one. 

Right under your text editor, you'll see the geolocation pin that will enable this feature. 

You'll see a new field, where you can type in the location of your post and save it. 

⚠️ IMPORTANT NOTE ⚠️ At the moment, the only locations you see will belong to Facebook Pages you manage. If you haven't set up the location of your page, you can see how to do that by clicking here.

Once you've added your location, you can save your post and double-check in the category to see if the location of your post has been saved correctly.

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