How do I Create a Content Category?

To create a Content Category, you need to navigate to your Categories dashboard. You can do so by hovering your mouse over the Content Menu and clicking Categories. Once you are there, you can see all the categories you already have (including the preset categories). 

At the top right corner, you’ll be able to see a button that allows you to create a new Content Category.

If you click the “+ Create Category” button, a new window will open, where you will be able to customize the category to suit your needs. You’ll be able to add a name and a description to your new category, as well as choosing if the content will be Evergreen or if it will be Share Once (Learn about Evergreen vs. Share Once posting here). You will also be able to choose if you want to use this new category as a Random Category. You can also select the color you want to give to your category.

Last but not least, you will be able to add a short link to this category or UTM parameters, by using the Advanced Settings from the bottom left of the window.

Once you’ve created your new category, you can go ahead and add content to it and add it to your schedule.

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