How Do I Add a Post?

You can add a post by either using the “Add new post” button on the top bar of SocialBee or directly from a category, by using the "Add Post" button right under the category details. You can see where they are in this image:

Create Your New Post

Once you have pressed on "Add New Post", a post editor will pop up and you will now be able to create your post and customize it to your liking. The basic steps you have to do are:

  1. Select your profiles;
  2. Add your caption and link;
  3. Add an image (if needed);
  4. Choose your category;
  5. Save the post.

First, select the social profiles you want to share this post on and start typing in the caption of your post (which can include a link). If you include a link in the text area, it will automatically generate a link preview. If you don’t want to share a link preview, you can simply hit X (in the top right corner to remove it. You can also replace the link with a photo or video from your computer.

Adding Media to Your Post

You can also add an image, video, or something you've created in Canva to your post. To do so, you can either drag and drop your image/gif/video into the designated space or click the same area and import your image file from your computer.

Adding Your Post to a Category

When you want to add a post to SocialBee, you are faced with a choice: you can either add the post to a category or choose to create a one-off post without a category.

Setting your Post to Publish at a Specific Time

If you create a time-sensitive post or a post without a category, you will want to share it at a specific time. You can see more details about this by reading the full article here.

Setting Your Post to Expire

If you create a time-sensitive post that cannot be published after a certain date, you will want to set it to expire. You can see more details about this by reading the full article here.

Using Bold, Italic, or Strikethrough in Your Post

In order to add bold, italic, or strikethrough words to your post all you have to do is select the word you want to stylize and, at the bottom right corner of your text editor, you'll be able to select which kind you want. You can also combine styles for extra emphasis.

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