How do I use Pocket to Import Content?

Ever seen an article online that caught your eye but you didn’t have time to read it right away? I bet you wished you could put it in your pocket and read it later. Well, you can do just that, with the virtual Pocket, of course. 

This is a browser extension and phone app that can help you do just that. You can organize each saved article with a specific pocket tag, so you can create collections of different topics, without mixing everything in one jar.

If you save articles online via Pocket, you should know that you can import them into your SocialBee account so you can share them later with your followers. All you have to do is connect your Pocket to our platform. To do so, navigate to your User Settings and select Workspace Settings.

On the Settings page, you will be able to connect your Pocket account with SocialBee. By clicking “Connect”, a new window will open, which prompts you to authorize to retrieve items from your list. You can do so by logging into your account, then clicking “Authorize”.

Once you’ve done that, you can share your desired Pocket tags. You need to navigate to your Content menu and click “Pocket”.

After your account is connected, if you want to create a new Pocket tag to be shared, you just click the “+ Add Pocket” button and add the tag you want to share from. This will open an import window, where you will be able to select your profiles, category and add the tags from Pocket:

From here on, you'll be able to customize your import:

1. Adding posts as Approved/Not Approved

If you want to add the posts from the feed automatically, keep the “Add Posts as Approved” on (this is the default option). However, you might want to be selective about which posts you share. If that’s the case, you should uncheck the “Add Posts as Approved” option.

The posts that are not approved will show up in the selected category, as not approved.

2. Appending Text

You also have the option of appending text at the end of each post coming through RSS. If, for instance, you want to put a #HashTag relevant to that specific topic. This text will be added at the end of every post that comes in through this specific Pocket tag.

The Pocket tag does not have to start with #. It also does not have anything to do with the append text. It’s just the way to categorize a specific post when saving it in your Pocket.

3. Advanced Settings

When it comes to Advanced Settings, this is the place you can find some extra honey to make sure your posts are the best they can be. From here, you can do the following:

  • Trim text for Twitter - If checked, we’ll trim the text so it is suitable for Twitter sharing. Don’t worry - we’ll trim from the title of the post, so we keep the Append text and URL intact.
  • Add as image* - This feature finds the main image from the link and adds it on its own to your post, without the link preview. The main image will be the one set as an OG:Image in your HTML or the main large image we can find.
  • Remove UTM Parameters - This feature makes sure that your imported links will be added to SocialBee without previously added UTM Parameters.

* The "Add as image" feature will not work if you select a Facebook Profile. On the other hand, this is the default setting for Pinterest and Instagram posts.

Once a Pocket is added, we look for new posts every 10 minutes, so don’t worry if new posts don’t show up automatically. 

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