How can I setup my Posting Schedule - via Individual Schedule Setup?

Besides the Schedule Overview, you can also view the posting for each of your connected social profiles individually.

You’ll be able to see the posts that go out on just one of the social media platforms. To access them, simply navigate to your Posting menu, then to Schedule Setup, and then pick the social profile you’re interested in.

Here you can adjust your posting times as necessary. When you first open it, you will be prompted with an offer to get the preset schedule. You can always refuse to get that and create your own. This means you will be able to create a new schedule from scratch. Here’s how you can do that

Add a Posting Time

Once you’ve accessed your desired profile, you will be able to add a post by simply filling in the day, time, and category you want to share from, then click “+ Add Posing Time”.

You can also add a new posting time from the bottom of the schedule, by clicking the “+ Add Posting Time” button under each column for the day you want to schedule a cateogry.

Edit an Existing Posting Time

You can also change an existing scheduled post. To do so click the post you want to edit the posting time for, simply edit the posting time to your liking, and then hit enter or click outside of the table to save your changes. 

Delete a Posting Time

If you want to remove a post, you can also do that, by hovering your mouse cursor over that post and then clicking the small trashcan button that will appear in the right upper corner of the post.

Schedule statistics

When accessing a social profile’s Individual Schedule, you will be able to take a look at your content mix for that platform, so that you can adjust it accordingly, if necessary. 

You can find your Schedule Stats at the bottom of the page and this is what they look like:

The stats will show you the percentage each category consists of in your content mix, but also how many times a week you are posting from a certain category. 

Deleting all the schedules / Generating a new schedule

If you want to change your entire schedule, it might be best to delete the previous one and start from scratch or generate one with the best practices. You will notice that on the bottom right corner of the Individual Schedule Setup, you have the option to delete all the scheduled posts from that selected profile. You can also delete all the posts from across the social profiles, by going to Schedule Overview.

Once you have an empty schedule, you can generate a new one, according to the best practices at the moment, by simply clicking the “Generate Schedule for this profile”, which you can find at the bottom right corner of the individual schedule setup. This will create a schedule that is tailored for that specific social platform, based on best practices.

Keep in mind that this schedule will only generate with the preset categories from SocialBee. If you've changed their name, they won't be included in the new schedule.

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