Buffer Integration

Posting to Instagram can be done via Reminders, with the SocialBee mobile app. It gives you flexibility and extra customization. But by integrating Buffer to our platform, you are now able to also publish on platforms like Instagram directly, as we do not support that at the moment. 

However, this integration can also be useful if you don’t have complete access to a social profile, regardless if it’s Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, but they are connected to a Buffer account you can log into. While a Pro account will offer many other benefits, you can also accomplish this with their free account.

To connect a profile through Buffer, you first need to have that social profile connected to it. Then, you need to find the profile you want to connect (or just connect a new one) and go Posting. 

If for any reason (like needing Buffer's analytics or specific Buffer posting) you want to make any of your profiles post though Buffer, follow these next steps:

Go to Posting Setup for the profile of your choice, and then change the posting provider. After that, go to the Buffer tab of this menu and make sure you have your Buffer account connected. If you didn't, that's not a problem. You'll be able to authorize SocialBee's access to your Buffer account with just two clicks:

You can go back to Profiles to double-check that the setup has been completed.

That's it! Now all content and posting settings will still be in SocialBee, but the posting itself will be done through your Buffer account.

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