How to customize your post for each social platform

All Social Media Platforms are social, but not all are the same. Sometimes you need a post to have a link preview on Facebook, shorter text on Twitter (to fit the character limit) and an image with lots of hashtags in the copy added to your Instagram. In this scenario, you'd normally need to create 3 separate posts, to accommodate each social platform's requirements and best practices. 

With SocialBee, you're able to create just one post and personalize it for every social profile you want. No need to create multiple posts to change your tone of voice or messaging for each platform and profile.

Just select multiple profiles when creating a post, and click on the "Customize for each profile" button to see separate text fields for each platform.

You'll then be able to change the post for each selected profile.

A yellow circle will show you the post has variants, and which variant you're seeing.

Now, you have all the tools needed to fully customize your posts for each platform, just the way you need it to bee (🐝)!

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