How do I Import Media?

There may be times when you want to import multiple images at the same time, into the same category. You can do that with the Import Media feature. 

All you have to do is navigate to your Content menu and click on the “Import Media” tab. This will take you to the importing dashboard.

There, you will need to:

  1. Select the desired social profiles
  2. Select the category you want the media files imported in
  3. Add your selected photos or videos.

From here on, you’ll have the ability to change a few presets, as follows:

1. Create a custom caption for all posts

After you've selected your files, you'll be able to add a caption just for one image, move them up and down in the queue and remove them one by one (if needed, of course) from your import.

2. Adding posts as Approved/Not Approved

If you want to add the posts to post automatically, keep the “Add Posts as Approved” checked (this is the default option). However, you might want to add some captions to the photos/videos before sharing them, in which case, you should uncheck the “Add Posts as Approved” option. This way, you can manually approve each post as needed.

3. Expiring the posts

You also have the option to expire the posts at a time you need, whether it's after a given number of days from importing or after a number of posting times. You can learn more about Expiring posts here.

When you’re finished, just click “Import” at the bottom and the process will start.

You will be notified via email* if the import was a smashing success or if it encountered any problems with some links. 

*The email notification only happens when you have that option enabled from your Settings.

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