Evergreen vs Share Once

Each post you create has the ability to share the content you add once or recycle them multiple times. Here’s what each of these options can do for you:

1. Re-Queue

When a post set to re-queue is it means that we will recycle, and be published multiple times from the category where you added it. Or, if you set this as a category default, each post in that category is going to be shared indefinitely until it expires or until you manually remove it.

Let’s say you have 10 articles inside this kind of category. An evergreen (or re-queue) category will share each article one by one until we get to the last article, and then we just jump to the first one again. We work in a Last In, First Out sequence. So, the last article you added, will be the first one to be shared and it will go through the entire list like that. Then, if you add more articles, it will include them in the same sequence.

This type of sharing is particularly good for categories with evergreen content - like promotional items, blog posts, or informational articles, that are not time-sensitive.

2. Share Once

When a post is set not re-queue, it means that it will be shared... well, only once. Or, if you set this as a category default, each post in that category is going to be shared one time and then removed from the category completely.

Let’s say you have 10 articles inside such a category. The share once posts will be published in a Last In, First Out sequence. After an article is shared once, it will no longer be found in this category. This way, at the end of those 10 articles, the category will remain empty if you do not add other posts to it.

This type of sharing is great for categories with time-sensitive content - like limited time offers, seasonal articles, and information that can expire. Or just articles you think are good enough to be shared once, but not worth recycling.

Setting your category defaults

If you want to change your category defaults, all you have to do is click on "Edit Category" and go to the "Default Settings" in the menu that appears.

There, you will be able to choose where you want to add new posts in relation to your queue (top or bottom), if you want your category to be used as a random category (and you can learn more about this here), and if you want your posts to be re-queued (making them evergreen) or not (which means they will be shared once).

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