View Your Next Posts

Want to know what you’ll be posting over the next few (or 100) days? This is the place to bee! 🐝 Actually, this is the place where you can see both the posts that are next in line to be posted and those which failed being posted (if you have any).

To find this section, travel on the left-side menu until you find the "Next Posts" button. Here, you will be able to switch between the way you want to preview your posts (as a list, or as a calendar), take a glance at your Failed Posts.

On the right side of this screen, you will be able to choose which profile you are previewing your posts for.

You will be able to see and edit your posts from this page to your posts and preview a couple of details about your posts, such as:

  • The category of your post;
  • The profile(s) it was assigned to;
  • The caption and image or link preview;
  • The time when it's scheduled to post;
  • The posting details and exporting settings.

You can also make some last-minute changes to your post with the edit button, chose to publish it instantly with the Shaw Now button, or delete it from the top right corner of the post.

Also here, you will be able to find all the posts that should have been published but (for any reason) failed. You can see our Posting Errors dictionary for details or reach out to us if you have any questions about them.

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