Posting On Instagram (through the Buffer Integration)

Instagram’s policy did not allow scheduling of posts directly on the platform up until now. We will be working on integrating native posting for Instagram directly through SocialBee, but until that's released, you can schedule posts for your Instagram account if you connect your profile through Buffer to SocialBee. 

Before anything else, please make sure you connect your Instagram Account to your Buffer account. For this, log into your Buffer account and click "connect" under the Instagram Icon: 

You will then be asked to Log into your Instagram account: 

Once you click Log in, it will redirect you back to Buffer where you can finish the process (Make sure you install the Buffer app on your phone prior to this step, and that you're also logged into your Buffer and Instagram on your phone):

Once connected, this is what it should look like:

Now, you can connect it to SocialBee.

To do so, you need to go to your User Settings and select Workspace Profiles.

Once you’ve accessed your Profiles page, you will be able to see any connected profiles (if you have any). Below, you’ll see a panel that allows you to connect social profiles from all the supported platforms. Click connect via Buffer under the Instagram Icon. 

This will open the Buffer Login page, where you will need to log into your Buffer account. 

Once you’ve logged in, you will be prompted to authorize SocialBee, by allowing us to access your account. 

Once connected, you will be able to add your Instagram profile from a list of profiles that are connected to your Buffer. You can also add other social profiles through this method.

Make sure to set up posting times for your newly connected profile. 

Also, keep in mind that if you don't have direct scheduling set up in Buffer (business profiles) in order to post on Instagram via SocialBee/Buffer, you need to install the Buffer app. Because Instagram doesn’t allow actual scheduling to personal profiles, the Buffer app will send you a reminder when it’s time to post something you’ve scheduled:

Note: Instagram Video is not currently supported through our Buffer integration.

When you open that notification, press “Open in Instagram” and go through tour normal posting flow.

To test the Instagram connection, you can use the share now functionality, which you can find under any post in your category. To access it, hover your mouse over a post and click “Share now”. This will cause the platform to immediately share that post on the selected social profiles. Doing so should send your phone a Buffer reminder to post the picture. If you don’t get a reminder, something is not properly connected. If you receive the notification on your phone, you are good to go. 

Note: You can also post to Instagram, via our Mobile app (currently in Beta). 

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